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Kingdom Of Our Prime - text


In the depths of east
The sad prince holds his father's hand
Feeling that his end is near
And here last words were...

Son, my time has come
No escape from death's hug
No need for you to cry
The challenge stands before your eyes

The road to the crown does require so much pain
Arm yourself with patience
You will be rewarded soon
A kingdom waits to be controlled by you
May knowledge, wisdom, justice
Find their way to your soul

You see when your time has come
Then you realize, that it's too late
Too late for you my son to deny
The kingdom of the prime
It's your time to strive
Rule the kingdom of the prime
You can't turn back time!

Human snakes will try to steal your power
They'll try to throw you from your throne
Your flaming sword must meet their bone
While the king was speaking his last words
A cold wind started to caress his neck
A death angel helps his get some rest

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