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If I Could Turn Back Time - text


Freezing crazy inside the corners of my mind
Getting closer to life time I left behind
Scenes and memories from the past have come along
So the nightmare starts to grow.

Broken pieces of a life I've tried to live
Things and meanings now it's late for me to give
I have nothing to expect, but a thousand to regret
From this alcoholic cell

Helpless standing in the crossroads of this world
Among the things I've lived and done

If I could turn back time
I would try to leave the world behind
If I could turn back time
I would hold you by my side
Cause now that death is closer
Calling out my name
I can finally understand
Only little things are made to last forever.

Streets are friends, the city's getting hard with me
Now the burning sense for living trying to be
Winter days are coming in the heart and mind
Only sorrow there is to find.
Wasted mornings, windy nights are all the same
Cannot feel the bell that's chiming in my brain
I have nothing to forget, nothing secret to respect
From this alcoholic cell.

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