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The aura of the darkness night
Soround my siluete tonight
My virginity will be desgraced
I'm feinting from fear And I'm afraid of pain
However, I'll give up to my faith
But let his perversion don't destruct myself...
I see the beauty on the shore of my empire
but her beaty pass away, only body stays
Tonight I´ll break her majesty and her purity
I´ll make her dirty , her body I´ll fuck up
and violate
The inner fear in my body , make dull my senses
I´m falling to the unknowing
I hear the symphony and Nymphs are singing
I see the swomp is opening
Khaablus - the emperor of lord
is coming just for me
I´m giving him my body to create perversion now!
I see the sight full of tears...
oh, how she's beatiful...finally I'm taking her body into my arms shaking...I´ll make her dirty,
her body I'll fuck up and violate....!

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