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The Onerous Physical - text

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the heart beating wafts over
the slumbering astral darkness
as the last sign
of pre-dimensional existence
no ear is around here to listen
to weightless nebular equivalent of...
so malevolent... space
so onerous... solitude
so perfidious... emptinesss
float in after these silvery lines
of broken dead light beams
to the polarized source of my vast
carnal surrealism
upon the inner side of our
incinerated dreams with own inwards
we inscribe
the last strophe
of the technocratic visions´gorgeous teratological epicwhat they're a cadaverous shapeless
veil of so multifarous higher
multiversal divides are the coast
of the onerous physic of
interstellar peristaltic
and the last heart beating wafts
over the nervous noisy silence
of dying astral night
we're personal chaos theory of own
fear of the fractal unknown only
we were merely variables in
equations gust of our own
mirthless fates
what they're liberating with
their odd resection from weightness
of our own corporeality now
the heart beating from other
multiverse wafts over the icy
astral darkness
as the warped flow of inflexible
life power in the glimmers
of the other worlds
i am not as you are floating in
after silvery light beams lines
you are my orgasm and polarized
source on the arm of my...
so onerous... carnalityso malicious... so perfidious...

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