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Dreams Torn Asunder - text

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sunken in intoxicating slumber
malevolent anticipating of non-existence
pale-blue smoke of flames extiguishing
insidiously it steals in night silence
we open our mouths in dumb
when dreamy life retrospections goes on
starring in gloomy comedy
blinded with dark implosion of light
penetrating through a hole in
membrane of the universe
dreams torn asunder…
this process you can't stop
dreams torn asunder…
morning sun will enlight our cold face
dreams torn asunder…
mouths stiffened in breathless outcry
dreams torn asunder…
buried in sweet non-existence
starring in guileful tragedy
puppets on capricious cords of fate
we sleep in our endless dream
sunken in intoxicating oblivion
held in beauty of non-existence
life is only strange intermezzo
all earthly, human and unimportant here fades out
silently we float through darkened emptiness
and try to unite again
…our dreams!

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