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It started out one Saturday
You wanted to go out and play
We went outside into the night
It was cold the stars was shining bright
We couldn't wait until the dawn
You promise me you'll never stop
I want you more than words can say
Touch me here and touch me there
Touch me, touch me everywhere
Tonight I'm feeling hot
Making out in the parking lot
Walk all night and watch the stars
Making out in a good rush
You know just how I feel
We're making our fantasies to come real
Oh look into your sexy eyes
You make my mind spin round and round
No one can touch me like you do
We make our fantasies come through
You stood in front just watching me
You touched me oh so gently
I'm going crazy over you
You are my fantasy come true
Come on baby
Tease me now
You're so good
You know how
Take my hand
Hold me tight
Oh this feels
This feels so right

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