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The Warehouse Will Be Your Tomb, Chief - text


Wake up! It's 6 o'clock!
The morning brings another pain,
Days are passing by…
You hate your life.

The road to your office,
The same angry people,
They look so tired
As if without any feelings.

Turn your PC on,
Make a cup of tea,
Look at what you haven't done.
You're just an employee.
Laying off will bring grief
Know that you’re a crumb.
Angry stupid chief,
Fat and ugly, dumb!

Smash this pile of shit
Comes through your mind.

Loosen your brakes,
Enough of abjection!
Send it all to hell!
He is the reason
Of your bad fortune,
You need to kill him sorely.

Try to get
The lifetime relief.
Take a chance
To slay your chief.

A pencil in his eye,
A stapler in his mouth,
Scissors through his neck
And lengthwise
Cut belly,
Smashed face.
Brain like jelly,
Head displaced.

Now, you can relax -
Your wish has come true,
All your fast attacks
Were just a clue.

You may think
That's not about you,
And all these things
Pass over you.

Look at your chief -
Maybe, he is the one
Who turns your life
Into an awful dream.

Try to get
The lifetime relief.
Take a chance
To slay your chief.

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