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Your heart hates
gray days
Your soul strives
Far away
Where ocean
Meets skyline
Ocean spirits,
grant me freedom,
break my spirit
out of limits!
Flying dutchman's salvo
Jack Sparrow
Fly to Fairy land with
Peter Pan
At Starlight
We find lost Atlantis
Nemo says "Welcome
in the edge of world!"
Cold raindrops fall on wings
Thunder storms light dark sky
We take course to West
Carry dream
like torch
shine on
your way
Your world
Is wide
is not like
it seems to be
Drop by drop
our dreams
fill the Grail.
Faith in wonder
lives on,
Child in us
Narnia is real, eternal...
will never freeze...
We're not outcasts
Fire burns our hearts
Dreams feed our minds
Let's join or hands
Your-Dream - Your Torch
Your Faith - Your Sword
Let your Soul shine
Let your Heart flare
Let them unite
Till dream's alive

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Drop of Dreams (EP)

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