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Breaking through frozen wall,
Polar Express rushes on
coat of eternal ice.

At the edge of the world,
where cold ocean waves
fall into endless chasm of space…
There is mystic secret island - Syberia …
Beyond the ice grow lakes… and mirages appear in frozen air...
Deep silence, everything around is stiffened... pending for a miracle.

Pale northern lights
We search
Lost land
Without night

Far away to north
On silver route
We ride for light
At frozen air
So close
to secret dream!

We step at snow
Up and below
In shade of snowstorm
On edge of world
We find
Our secret land!

Far away to north
Where skies are so close
Pole Star shows the way!

Through cold maze of Ice
Find lost paradise
Our secret land!

Where we can find you?
We will come to you!

We found the land
Where flowers grow
We found the key
To secret door

We came to land
where stardust born

Beyond the wall
Of endless frost
We came to land
Where illusions lost!

Far away to north
In edge of world
Where seasons blend

Where skyline
No nights

Where we can find you?
We will come to you!

Where the northern lights are born, and mountain peaks are covered with star dust... beyond the hills
of never melting snow, enchanted valleys lay...
Sun does not melt the ice, ice does not burn with cold...
Hot springs and geysers break from boiling depths...
and never withering grass and flowers grow in snow …
Where mammoths still live on... and northern lights are born ...
is hidden the great mystery of life ...
We search for distant land of Syberia -
the myth from our mysterious dreams…

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