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See you in the dark
Damned and broken

I crave for light!

I bound your heart
In dark and frost

I crave for warm

Holy Anger
Innocent Evil
I am lost in Dark
Heart turns to ice!

Can you feel this
Endless nightmare?

You have no power!
No control on me!

See you in the dark
Bound and frozen

Holy Anger
Innocent Evil
I am lost in Dark
Heart turns to stone

My Heart rigors
I feel no pain
My eyes got blind
I feel no fear
I feal only
raging anger...

I come at night
at your nightmares
I feed your fear
and your dispair.

I watch on you!
I follow you!

I steal your breath
I am your shade
Once you take me
Let in your heart.

I crave for light!
I crave for warm!
You have no control
Of my soul!

Holy Anger
Innocent Evil
I am lost in Dark
Heart turns to dust!

Last trait on canvas
Last note of piece
Last drop of cocktail
In lake of blood...

Last dying spark
Last ray in dark.
Last fading beam
In fallen realm.

…Our Father,
Who Art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name,
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as It is in Heaven,
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into Temptation,
But deliver us for evil,
For thin is a Kingdom,
The power and Glory,
Forever end Ever.

... Why here is so cold? Somebody, Help me!
- Haha!… You are alone… In this Hell… It's your Nigthmare!..
- Father… Can you hear me?!… Please!…
- Nobody can hear you now!… Here in my Kingdome of Despair!

Light is in my soul!
Warm is in my heart!
My blood will quell
Your spiteful anger!

From my last breath
Growth my drop of dream
From my last cry
Song of light will rise.

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