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we brake the rules
don't give a chance
we feed infection
to the mother-Earth

with our own hands

it's not immortal
the god will not help
prolong existence
of mankind

we're not the crown
of evolution
and we are not
the rulers of the world

just existing

you are mistaken
in the conviction
that whole creation's
just for you

restrain the ardor

it's emitted million tons of wastes every year
what kind of world we leave to the children?

the home
for a billions of people
we're making
it unsuitable for life
through the smoke of the plant
seems tomorrow will not never come

by the lust of the power
wealth and control
to operate the puppets
and pull harder the strings of
patience of our world

the smog and haze
and acid rains..
this list will never
come to the end.

to be continued

of course it`s too late
to change our fate
but doing nothing
bring us to the wreck

the life we have
is our chance
to make good things
for everything around

undertake something

but thankfulness
for this reward is
the wars, destruction's,
ruin ourselves

with no more chance

earth`s crying
oceans die
cutting down the trees and polluting water...
why we do this?
extinct animals will never forgive us
what we have done?
now it`s time to respond

there is no solution
just wiping out the plague
this system deleted
reboot the all mankind

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