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Amoxicillin...Extermination - text



All colours fade away,
Drown in dirt.
Something’s wrong with our world.

This world is in decease
Shred by wars.
The Earth is filled with mortal wounds.

This world in agony,
Bursts in heat.
All living things now die in gas clouds.

The land is filled with sores
And decay.
It’s a dying world, it bleeds.

We need a cure
To save the world,
To make it pure.

The cure that cleanses the Earth
From ourselves, like amoxiciline.

Like tide or huricane,
Eliminate the pain,
With our acts
The cure will save the world.

The Earth is in agony,
Give it the cure,
It's in a remittent fever,
Let it heal!

Giant waves wipe out the cities from the Earth.
Walls of fire devour the green trees.
Toxic vapours float above the ground.
All the living things will die.

I see it in your eyes,
The civilization's end,
Hellfire Extermination,
Let the Earth cure itself.

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