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Onward to Destroy - text

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Victims of their perfect war
Human leper flesh
Obliteration is triumph
Everyone's possessed!
Destruction of humanity
Burn the all man kind
Source of life is source of death
It's all now up to time!
Onward to kill, forward to destroy!!!
Retribution and desise
Conspiracy of pain
The only way to stay alive
Is to accept this new born faith
Pray for life, beg till death
Illusion's all you'll see
Just believe to stay alive
And better it will be!
Onward to kill, forward to destroy!!!
Nothing now depends on you
Your mind for life is lost!
Savior is soon to come
Hidden in your cross
No chance to change
Your way of life
You're part of Gods divine
Bastard of your foolish faith
Is watching from the sky!!!
Onward to kill, forward to destroy!!!

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Onward to Destroy

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