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Destroyer of Their Throne - text

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Slaughter is coming quickly
Beyond the final frontier
Sacriface our lives for reasons
Greater than we can see
The purpose of existence
Means serving to your god
Savior waits in heaven
Blessed are your hands in blood
I feel, no fuckin' sympathy
No god will ever make me kneel
In esctasy!
I'm the destroyer of the throne
Deceiver of them all
I feel the pleasure
When I bring them down!
I'm the destroyer of your god
Fake leader of the blind
Eternal blasphemy
Here we come!!!!
Epidemic seed of jesus
Spreads like fuckin' plague
No chance for a normal life
You're born as a total slave!
I summon the war gods with me
To prepare for war
I summon the war gods with me
To destroy their throne!!!
Darkness, take me tonight
Embrace me with fire and might,
We are the ones from beyond
Chosen to destroy their throne!

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