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Back to the War - text

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Stand in line, side by side
Warm blood for the war!
Can't wait to see the first line of front
One bullet and all ends!
They will be home tomorrow,
they'll leave this war behind!!
But all they've heard about it all
It were only lies!!
Back to the war!!!
Rain in clouds, death in the air
fresh blood on the ground
Next to you is the torn apart
His name will never be found!!
What you see is not real
It is just a dream
Welcome boy to this world
Face reality!!!
Back to the war!!!
No more justice, no more peace
It's buried in the past!
From mother's arms straight to war
Where soul will lay to rest!!
Deep inside, you try to scream
God didn't answer your prayer
You're all alone, left to die
Now you are betrayed!!!
Back to the war!!!

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