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A Sickness Named Religion - text

In ancient days, when men was pure
Time was slowly infected, words were enforced
An invention of feeble minds
An institution of lies, many more would follow
Rules would chastise human kind
In the slowest way, slithering into the mind
Halls of Shame and a House against Sin
Became real ambition
without regard of individual mind
God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha or whatever iconic name
Under this rule we all should crawl
Their single truth harbored "holy" books
But just little form of truth, none have it all
What are we to do when death is coming
Would we be gazing at the skies or be an independent soul
Religious words written by hands of men
When our path grows dark, The heart-instinct is what we should embrace
The religious institutions are at the bottom of the dirt
Follow us, give us all you have, repent
Blood wars waged in the name of false gods
Wiping out generations, all for He who is made up
But I, who is of reality in focus.
Truth is divine, not any form of brainwash
No god needs to salvage my soul
My mind is an eternal voyager
No destination on my compass
No journey's end towards my inner sanctum
Not following the sickness
Named Religion....

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