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Taking Advantage Of A Virgin - text


I'm the type of guy
who goes out every weekend
and expects to get a decent fuck

I don't care
what the hell they look like
as long as they know how to fuck
and how to suck a cock

last Sunday I was out for a walk
and I picked up some slut
or at least I thought so
I found out that she was actually a virgin

when a girl really looks up to you
you can make her do anything

we started with petting and oral sex
I put a cucumber up her ass
while fucking her tight teenage cunt
I could see she was in ecstasy

I said I wanted to piss in her mouth
I explained to her that
that was something you only do
when two people really love each other

I could see that she didn't like
the taste of it
but she didn't want to disappoint me
so she drank every single drop

I even made her taste my shit
it was really cool
when the smelly lump
found its way to the open mouth

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