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Gone the Way of All Flesh - text


Revolution public unrest volatile situation oppression
persecution subduing their opinions continual cruelty or injustice uprising within the underground aspiring anarchy resurrection of the new

Nations colliding fall driven by greed a sickness infection the likes of mankind lunacy of the enemy for all to see in agony infantry dying foolishly
hopelessly they find equality shrapnel surrounds
impales your chest the gift of death has just begun
painlessly your life receedes tranquility calming thee
unknowingly you proceed namelessly towards eternity

Were you prepared to die? Show me what have you done with your life! Was this your time?
One thing for sure death is forever!

Over the wall my last command service to country has now been paid tragedy that I see will always be
plaguing me artillery destroying thee infernally haunting me lifeless solders lie dead by my side churchyard of tombstones our last memory thanklessly we never see sympathy for our bravery reluctantly driven free onwardly towards eternity

Was I prepared to die? Show you what have you done with my life? Was this my time?
One thing for sure death is forever!

I have awaken to immortal life numbered
with the dead men of distinguished valour
dead war heroes never to return

Now that my is over now I can finally rest in peace

No more fighting no more spying no more cheating
no more lying no more weeping no more crying
no more kiling no more dyingf

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