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Legal Eyes (feat. Hadag Nahash) - text


Just say yes to Marijuana say no to violence
take a puff and enjoy the sound of silence
and the legal of ganga is the shit
Vodka messes with your liver
take a big hit from the bong
Belong? is trying to remote control
pharmaceutical companies smell the pile of gold
if you ask yourself: ~~~ they roll
They bark a lot- but they got one goal.

Get Up Stand Up- we got infected on the beat
the marry jane struggle soon to be complete
with the nation of ganga- ain't got no border
the nation of ganga- demands a new world order

even my grandma told me- "I used to get high"
now I use her card- for my own supllies
haters take a chill pill kill the drama
everybody smokes from snoop to obama

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Video přidal Inf-Mike

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