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Caught here in these nebulous planes of capsized consciousness
Musings have lost their lustre, at exile in the now and after
Verging between ages of turbulence and outbursts of fleeting calm
Silent expedient motion, the inert drive of these limbs that shiver
Vessels of light and strength dissolve in the bowels where affliction thrives
And murmured prayer to a Lord beyond only withers any scattered remnants of faith
In the end surrendered to the tyranny of the truculent selft
Caving in to stealth and lies, diving head first into cosmic divide
Stripped away from the flame of elation
A stark wholeness that can freeze the skin
All trust placed in the vastness of time
Inner deconstruct, reset and release
Sleepwalking through life, blind to the currents and neon signs
Through arrogant kindness, paradigm shifts and fractured attempts to exalt the mind
Here in this dark night, the parasite ego must finally subside
Strangle its sense of whole, watch it drown so you may rise
Destroying every damning trigger
Burning all symbols so they may flow pure
Through the fields of the unseen
To transmute and dissolve
Time erases nothing
The sun will no longer shine
Tomorrow will not be brighter
Your eyes will truly open as you pass through the flames
Head to the light
When the days get darker
When the nights grow colder
When the beasts grow wilder
And the end looms closer
Head to the light

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Vessels of Light and Decay


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