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Laying embedded
Deprived of sleep
The air is warm
The light red and dim
Awakened, by a whisper, to the smell of the sea
And the dragging of footsteps not far from here
Revenant, they march
Dare to fall dormant and hear them come
To carry your body through quiet and storm
Covered in feather
In chains
In a box
So bare of consciousness yet never alone
A horror impending, immune to frail song
Evade not this silence, hold on to the rosary
Its everlasting glow will lull you into anxiety
Waiting and hoping for the morning to erode
The fear on your flesh, the impurity of your soul
Shaking and cowering under the sheets
Praying not to endure another dream
The ground above and the stars beneath
While light is absent, here's no peace
And as the walls cripple with laughter
Your infant dreams will be so vivid

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