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Drifting in and out of cognizance, gazing up towards the ceiling of this room
Perception altered, a nothingness so placid and serene
Motionless and grinning she floats right above us, staring downwards
Once noticed never forgotten - her earth-like breath, her deformed countenance
As chilling, humid depths, swiftly enhance our waking senses
The exalting sight of boundless union, silent witness to our transcendence
The very essence of grimniry, vertigo turns to quiescence (and back)
Far beyond the binds of sobriety, the endlessness of thought, being and
Hour after hour
Stream after stream
Shuddering to reach inertia
Down below, purified by endless waters
Thoughts of rest cast aside and forgotten
Until the morning comes and wisdom's poison is gone from our veins

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