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This is the end of everything
Descending from the skies of my home
Spaceship that traveled from the edge of the universe
It is my creation and it was taken from me
Trying to enslave the planet I´ve made
It is my fate to kill his hate
Immortal soldier of Terragon
Claiming his position over me
Confusing senses with holographic incubator
Empowered by Terragonian bionic enhacements
There is only one
being, that can stand him
And strike him down
from his kingdom in heaven
To the prison
down below the earth surface
Made of Nine levels of security
And that is where everything has started
Winds on the earth were crushing
everything in its way
There was a rain of fire
and seas were storming
I've tried everything
Fierce battle took days and night
Lost in the pain and agony
This planet shook to the core
We are fighting for the ashes
This is your prison forever
You’ve tried to took my home
And for that, I sentence you to be
forever lost in the coldest desert
This is the hell

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