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From Birth to Death - text


Lying down all alone
Our whole life passes before our eyes
Feeling like another clone
Our body is lying beneath grey skies

After our small lifetime
Pictures passing through our minds
Breathing now for one last time
The air we're breathing only life reminds

A raindrop comes down and crashes the ground
Red roses that dying on our tombs will be found
Will there be at our funeral crowd
Our soul watches our body from above the ground

We're livin' our lives and making plans
Not considering that can be squashed like cans
From birth to death there is not a big span
Like a cigarette burns and soon is done

As we are looking back in memories
Tinking of days that stigmatised us
Remenbering a lot of sceneries
Reactions that somehow suprised us

Now we're approaching the end
For the first time feeling so cold and alone
Now that our being is goin' to transcend
The times has come to face our gravestone

Inapprenhensive we walk
Ignorring the ticking away of the clock
Reaching now the end of the dock
Thinking that our life is just a catwalk

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