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First ray of light comes to take these simple men lives
We’re wrong or wright? Never mind, we want to survive
Can see my comrades eyes, we all think of home...

A call to arms, take your rifle and don’t look back
An inner cloud covers every single man’s heart
Ten perfect lines of living corpses march on

Step by step we follow
The road to isolation, dead and disgrace
Blinded puppets dancing slow

Looking back with horror
The faces of despair reflect your own soul
And still we are marching on...

Napoleon soldier:
See the town we’ve got to attack
Cannons and men wait for the order
To destroy our ferocious charge
Just in the moment when we start to run

Kutuzov soldier:
See the strangers now not so far
Come taste the pride of Russian soldiers
For my land and not for the Tsar
We’ll show you how a real brave man dies

Napoleon soldier:
As the order came from behind
Conquer the hill those demons hold strong
Take the lives and then take the land
Fear’s left aside, don’t need the Imperial Guard

Kutuzov soldier:
Shoot them down, don’t leave one alive
Brothers and sisters trust in our force
Moscow is right there just behind
We cannot let them touch our precious home

Holding on a string of hope
This last waltz with the black winged old angel
Dancing on this battlefield
Now the lead starts to fly
Everyone hold the line
And always marching on


Napoleon soldier:
At last we kiss the glory
But now’s a different story
Turn Moscow to dust
Make them pay all they have done

No looking back, no worries
As all the city is burning
Soldiers laid behind
Thirty thousand couldn’t pass

Kutuzov soldier:
Retreating to discover
That now the war is over
They have lost too much
And we could keep our core intact

Replacement of the fallen
And watch their army crawling
Soldiers turn to rats
Officers can’t control the mass


Napoleon soldier:
Our victory turned to defeat
How could we lose ourselves and lose the field

Kutuzov soldier:
Now the men hunt taking us back
Ride to recover desecrated lands

Napoleon soldier:
Take the booty and run for your life
Only the luckiest one will stay alive

Kutuzov soldier:
All this madness and back to the start
Seems we are doomed forever to be


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