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Evil dogs controlling every town
We won’t last to fight another round
Now it’s time to stop them here
We’ve got the right, now there’s no fear
Enough of people dying in the mud

Riots flow like water with no sound
They will know when facing angry crowds
Time for talking now is past, you’re wasting words, your blood must run
As we were bleeding hard under your crown

We hail you Lucifer, bravest of all
You’ve never been part of the flock
You dared to walk alone

Now the sheep are hunting down the wolf
There’s no scape for bastards we all know
Your papers sell “it’s terror time”
They never told about your crimes
But people is aware of what you’ve done



I’m the killer but you hold the gun
We are chaos while you ruin lives
If evil’s what we’ve got to be
Then here we are, the devil’s breed
And you die like a martyr pure and proud


Text přidal paja65

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