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Into the Abyss I - text


War, the best way to build up disgrace on Earth
We drink from the cold spring of sorrow, and piss our money in your hands
Beg for all that you need today
Only the glory, I know what's the story
Higher we aim...

Spit now what's to be done
We won't get surprised in this foolish show
Ten lives you'll need to pay
Eternally slave of the Alliance

Since the dawn of time injecting our will in your dreams
Shadows on the back of all the thrones you waste
Hiding from the light whispers on your own trembling lips
Now rats have lost the game, the abyss waits for them

Crawling while you're asleep in bed
A guardian demon by your side, our pawn cannot wake up dead
Pay for all that you receive, my slave
Give us the crown, your face to the ground
And walk straight to hell




Time will see, victory of abomination
Time will see, victory of our hidden creed


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