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The morning came worse than the night we had suffered
Two galleys were facing the waves
The harder we fought the stronger the storm tried to sink us deep down in the sea

When calm reigned at last and we barely had air to breath
Fear hit hard our souls
Into the storm, two galleys with bravery
Only one could carry on

What we're gonna do, now we have lost our way
The captain's lost and there's no one in here to lead our quest
I hear his voice inside, his lessons forged our souls
"Freedom's the shore where dauntless go" and so we'll

Face the storm!! No matter if you find that
Death is knocking on your door!! And solitude corrodes your bones
Behold, Ghost Galley sails, you better follow fast its way
The captain never leaves you alone

Rum in our veins and the smell of the powder
The crew is starting to roar
Fear's left behind, while we're heading to our destiny
Pirates are singing their song

Remember the oath we took when we got on board
I'll never lose faith
Back from the dead, the captain will guide
His disciples all over the world




Sailing the deep throats of hell
Crawling through pain one more day
Eating all the carrion those stupids waste

Going insane with the tunes
He wrote just for me and you
Here's the sign, we all run wild
The Explorer cries!!



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