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Deadly Sword, in the past
Left the hunt for a life without pain
All the blood, all the flames
From the darkness were calling my name

As a dream turn to real, in a time still so near
A string child was born from my flesh and my tears
Wasted lands, poisoned air
But my boy’s to complete his true fate

Release the blade
Protect your child
Black Death is falling from the skies
You swear by all the gods
The Immortal came here to die

Whispers came from the north
An ancient serpent again in this world
I know the kind, old as Time
His descendants, I ended their lives

So I’m breaking the seal, free remains now my steel
Don’t be afraid my love I’m your shield
He won’t pass, he won’t last
He’s the darkness but I am the Sun



Fire bombs, from the air
Came the shadow and covered the earth
Stay behind, child of mine
Your time will come, but now it’s my fight

As the dragon screams and his venom spits
Day turns to black and everyone kneels
Here I am, won’t turn back
Let your fucking head meet my steel


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