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Devil Is My Witness - text


Devil is my Witness
A living horror running through the planes
Demonic creatures, for blood and flesh they’re sent
Light in the darkness, roots in the sands
The fire of hell’s their guide

Far are the times we had a god to pray
Believed in heaven, now believe in hell
We had to choose between kill or die
And I still love my life

I can remember my old friends knelt with me
Now they are screaming, their hearts in my hands beat
They didn't notice our god is not here
He run away in fear

The Devil came one day, reclaimed this lands
And soon his followers appeared from everywhere
As we were begging for a divine sign
We were reduced to dust

Now that I see who's the ruler in Earth
I leave all my convictions behind
Fast I became what I always condemned
But I'm still alive

Facing the truth
Eternal fight between the faith
And the for a million years demonstrated
Evil in our hearts
Never had a real chance
Devil is my witness, at this time


In front of pyres, merciless I stand
Now every creature forgot the mercy's name
Those burning bodies, their souls burn in hell
No heaven to go my friend

Now a complete destruction fills the air,
I only wonder if surrender was the key
'Cause evil nightmares won at last the fight
When we all change our side


Chorus x2

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