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Dancing in the Light - text


First vision of the day, all the blackness that awaits
And no ray of light can pass it through
Every step I’ve ever made, lost its meaning in the way
So what’s the point in keep walking now?

Nobody told me, tears can fall from any laugh
Today you are here, tomorrow you fade away
Say that you love me, say that you need me in your life
Give me the strength for not just lay and die

I need to find deep in your eyes
The way that I once lost
Now I can feel her embrace keeps me warm

We’re dancing in the light
Hiding from the shadows of the night
Her smile is our guide
The mistress who we all call hope
Save us from the dark

Think I’ll never leave behind, this black feeling grown inside
But I can fight it if you stand by me
Asking why I have to live, I find my reason in your lips
And when your words are gone, they’ll carry me

Can’t break the chains of silence
Today my will of fighting
Lives in your heart, flies with your voice


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