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We run and don't look back
Feeling in our napes the mortal breath
We finally lost control, rebellion in your hearts
Finding no one to blame
Solution was at hand, technology
We had to fly in time
Our only chance to leave this hell

We chose the place and time
Where men were more disposed to believe
You'll be the almighty one
Your people must obey
This kingdom soon will grow
With temples for each god, everywhere
Our word becomes your law
We get what we deserve

Pharaoh spread our will over the lands
Slavery turns to black these sands

Chourus x2:
High, high as the sun
Leaving our future we build a new past
Founded on lies

The secret must prevail
We cannot make again the same mistake
As legends we shall stand
Divinity won't fail
You fear what you can't see
A whisper in your mind, the strongest seal
Eternal power rests
Pyramids our chests


Chorus x2


High, high as the sun
Leaving our future we build a new past

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