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When you fall asleep you seek deeper inside of yourself.
Look for the message, which the dreams will hold for you.
The dreams within – hold the key to yourself.
Seek the truth – as many others have done.
Only then – can you feel the glow of purification.
Take the first stumbling steps out into the void of emotions.
Swirling around you like clouds of black,
Crying for your observation.
Touching you so gently,
Dragging you away from reality.
Don’t give in for their whispers.
Don’t give in for their false promises.
Control your emotional flow, stay alert or anything could happen.
Save your mental force for the right moments.
The dreams within – holds the key….
Wear the sword of cautiousness
Cleans yourself at every step
Join your soul with thy body,
Only then you could dream again.
Take the path back to life
See the lies for what they are – inside of you.

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