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Oh my god, enough!
Now you listen to me…

[NINA, spoken]

Carajo, I said enough!
I’m sick of all this fighting!

[KEVIN, spoken]

I think you’ve said enough
Now listen to what I say
What I say goes!

Papi, you’ve pushed us all away

[KEVIN, spoken]
I’m trying to…

I don’t wanna hear it! We make decisions as a family
And throwing Benny out like that?
You sound just like your father!
We both know what a sonofabitch he was!
You think it all comes down to you…

Cami, let’s talk about it…

No no no no no!
No no no no no! No, you don’t!
When you have a problem you come home
You don’t go off and make matters worse on your own
One day you’re gonna come back home
And you’re not gonna find me waiting any more

[KEVIN, spoken]
I’m sorry…

Huh. Damn right you’re sorry.​

So you stayed out all night

[NINA, spoken]

I’m talking now!
You scared us half to death, you know that right?

[NINA, spoken]
I’m sorry—

Don’t apologize to me. You save it for your father

[NINA, spoken]

Look at your father
He doesn’t sleep when you’re gone
He’s worked his whole life to help you go farther
And he can’t admit when he’s wrong
Now who does that remind you of?
You two deserve each other!

For months you lied to us
What did we do…
To make you think we wouldn’t do anything and everything for you?
When you have a problem, you come home
You don’t run off and hide from your family all alone!
You hear me?
When you have a problem, you come home
As long as we’re alive, you’re never on your own
Leave Benny!
Take Benny!
It doesn’t make any difference, as long as you come home!

[KEVIN, spoken]

No no no no no!
Enough lying!
Enough screaming!
I’m done trying
And I'm leaving it up to you!
It’s up to you!
I’ll see you both back home!

Text přidala Teri_24

Video přidala Teri_24

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