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The Sixth Bloodletting - text

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We're all too late, we never predicted this
World turns into a meat grinder
Fueled by religion and corruption of man
Leading our way into the abyss
All that was built up through generations
Smashed in an instant
Brought upon us the end of suffering
Through the gates of death
The start of this journey brings us all
To the afterlife
Death prevails, always, everywhere
Life extinguished, always, in despair
Liberate my mind from this torture
I shall gladly accept this so called punishment
Break my shackles of torment
Murder me, chop off my limbs
Burn down my flesh, defile my ashes
Only if you bring my kind with me
Separate my soul from the body
To the music of human suffering
Lay waste to this planet
Destroy all life

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