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Mother Huldra - text


Was I merely a subject that surpassed your project?
The medication you thought wouldn't surface?
A broken man with anchors tied to his neck
How can a person believe in himself when he doesn't know what is real
or is fake?
The frames are too far to know what's at stake.
If he can could only see clearly at night
The burning sunset is his will to fight

He finds himself at the will of a princess
His broken conscience is killing the conquest
She takes him by the hand and shows him to the grave
She pulls right back the covers then she fucking lays
Luring and luring she takes a fucking bite
She wants to know what its like to feel this man inside

He said, there's only so much that I can take
I'm afraid you've made a grave mistake

That man was me
When I arose I was one with the trees
Her body set me free

Now I believe
I beat the demon that was eating me
It set me free

Now I believe I beat the demon that eating me
It set me free

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