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Birds of a flock will never fly together
We all breathe, muscles and bones
And the skin you see. We are the same. But I'm looked down On like an insect.
Hard to breathe when everyone else thinks that i'm a beast When we're all the same.

I might be different than the rest of you stuck up hoes.
Why am i lost in a sea of hypocrites.
When you're around i'm safer than i was, when you are gone i am lost.

When you're gone, i am lost.

Monster is what i am,
Pity for every man.

This wont be the end of me.
Throwing punches till I cant move anymore
There will be blood on my hands
As you watch me walk away with your life in my hands


I Don't want to be a monster, But i won't be like everyone else.
It's my world, and i'll do with it as i please.
I refuse to be a monster, dont judge this book by its cover.
We will be back to take over this scene

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