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Kingslayer (Ft. Dan Watson of Enterprise Eart.. - text


I was birthed by a god
And sent to hell by angels
Adopted by mortal flesh
And I, I was raised by machines

I was raised by machines
I was birthed by a god

I've come to seek my revenge
Another child was left for dead
To live on the streets with the wolves
And to bleed out all of his wounds

Rotting eyes
perceiving matter in a paradox
condemning the unorthodox
Deceived children
born of clay
molded in his image
given mortality
Your are deceived
Forced to believe that you are the chosen
You are just a drop amidst the ocean

You're just an insect
Breeding wings that could never fly
Finding the way just to burn and die

I'll bring you suffering

Knowledge is power and you own half of it
A processed coward with counterfeit habits
A bottom feeder sitting oh so high
You are nothing but a puppet in disguise

Carbon copied clone
Mindless drone
Can't even think on your own
Climbing up a pile of bones
Craving a veiw from the top of the compost
The human compost
The compost of human flesh

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