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Finalise the breath
Of the useless
Retarded and weak
Millions that surround
Open fire mass execution
Delete and erase them
Once and for all

Weapons unforgiving
Devastating capabilities
Sizes and shapes
Relentless they rip
Shred and tear
Disintegrate the frail sacred shell of humankind

Obsessed by exterminations
Possessed to kill am I
Oath of sadistic warfare
All stand for God shall die

Armaments of devastation
Machete and shotguns
From crossbows
Swords to bazooka
Let them all take control
And direct command

Easy it is
To be in power
Gods contend me not for I will not fail
Take your aim thus enabling
The bloody genocide
To ensue with ease

Face to face
I'm ready
Locked and loaded
Behind the barrel
I lay all to waste
Scores of corpse
Fragmented in disgrace

Quest for blood
I hunger for death
Truly a beast
I fire without mercy
Triggering kills igniting misery
Smell of sulphur and depravation
Allow my weapon I shall
To terminate your fate

Face to face
I'm ready with sharpened blades
Clenched tight handle
I slay all to waste
Beheading masses
Hacking limb after limb

Quest for blood
Hunger for death
Truly a beast
Live to see them bleed
Slaying kills igniting misery
Smell of blood and rotting body parts
Allow my weapon I shall
To seal your fate

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