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War Crowned - text


Coronating the insurrection
Baptised in blood
I am the Chosen Son of Annihilation
Destined for combat against Jehovah and all adversaries
Armed and envenomed
Wisdom on all tactics of war
Formation of my armies
March chivalrous bringing doom
Abhorring the sacred
Scythes are swung to decapitate
Divinity destroyer
I overturn their bastard temples
Content to cast terror
Watching them die one by one

I vomit Christ
I vomit death
Provocation no empathy
Marked and tarnished in blasphemy
Intensified entropy
Solemnizing bigotry

Irreligious crusade
Enmity and disbelief
Wicked objective
Decleansing humanity

War crowned
Enraged I stand
Devourer of Seraphs
I annihilate
Commanding death
Conveying pain
Under the profane sign of vengeance

War crowned
Enraged I stand
Destroyer of gods
Dispersing wrath
Summoning misery
Under the violent oath of desecration

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