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Revelation Decimation - text


Saviour unmighty saviour
Embodiment of fallen grace
Bastard birth of your existence
Lies proclaimed
Doctrines of pure deception
Prophecies of shallow hope
Shackles tight to false salvation
Redemption in blood and flames

Chosen I am
Fist of extermination
Order to demolish and erase
Whist dismantling all existence
Flock of God I (shall) eradicate

Scriptures warned impending carnage
Imminent arrival of Armageddon
Face no trial - only tribulation
Unholy forces shall devastate

Revelation decimation
Prime command to annihilate
Revelation decimation
With scornful wrath
I decimate

Under sign of violence
Embrace deliverance of chaos
Executing the pious and devout
Proclamation of death
All horrors unbound
I worship nothing else but war
Hate and genocide

Under sign of blasphemy
Thus I seal your fate
Perilous warnings came to you before
World of God inverted
Engulfed in flames
Reigning pandemonium
Vengeance unmerciful

Descendeth now this infernal punishment upon you
For it was preordained that terror is absolute...
Apocalyptic Armageddon
For it was preordained
Into storm of annihilation
And nothing shall stop
And stand in its way

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