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Aten.. Once Upon - text


Entire world did Aten, once create...
Amun Pantheons and Idols, erased,
Emanating from the City of, Tell-El-Amarna,
Akhenaten's vision, began!

Born into Royalty, 1394 BC
Appointed as Pharaoh,
A Heretic and Monotheist!

Exodus to Sinai, all sounds the same,
Was it Moses did you, became?
Archaeological evidence proves,
a fact to be true,
Jewish liars refute the truth...


Idolatrous land of A million Gods,
Soon they acclaimed, you were a threat,
Escaping death, you had abdicated!

Return to Egypt to regain the throne,
Your Septre used, in Sed rituals,
Believe they did but you were set
Set upon...

The 10 commandments and Spell 125,
Evidently both similar, it's clear,
What was for the blessed dead, now
made for those still alive...
Raising questions which will never, end!

Religious hostilities,
Religious absurdities,
The day Akhenaten ceased,
Aten no longer breathes...

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