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Minutes ticking away, it seems endlessly
A desperate face, creative ways
To extend the time
The wait is sickening
All that is gained, multiplied pain
Soon will be gone

Memories remain, still the same
A gaze at the sky, all will pass by
No longer to see
All seems so unreal
Suplicate screams, strange as it seems
No longer to be

A gracefull end to what I see
Oh no this cannot be
Awake me from this godforsaken dream

Awake me!

"Limbs seem to freeze, your voice seems to have gone"
"Death perceptible as it welcomes you"

On false hopes I stand as I reach out my hand
Seemingly near but so far away
All is, though for me it seems not to be

Still try to believe the memories stay
The silence is broken but no word is spoken
This bitterness I drink to the things that were
As long as I can I will think of them
For soon they will be no more

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