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We want to dance - text

Are you ready
so let's do it

We know that we enjoy it
when you start you can not stop
it's almost as strong
like when we start singing
it is a strong attractive
we can not stop it uncontrollable

R: It's dance dance dance
We want to dance so we dance
why is not it fun but be careful
if you just do not stop
minly no one can turn off music
may not turn off the music oooh nooooo

everyone can actually dance
This thing is great everyone knows it
Many people enjoy dancing
someone is dancing on the dance floor
and screams, dance till dawn
dance till dawn
dance till dawn
never stop dancing
hey want the boys
they want the girls
they want the boys
they want the girls
they want the people
they want the people
What is it?

Text přidala Nica7singer

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