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I feel the distance between us growing further
Another day passes by that I ask myself
How long will I continue to wait
For you to realize your mistakes?
Fidelity, useless in your eyes
Adulterous ways, this deadly offense
Breaking moral code defined by our maker
Breach in faith with a loss of integrity
Without me, are you complete?
Is he the one you see
When you profess your love for me?
Would you hurt before you sleep
If you turned in my direction to find me gone?
I cannot believe this
Sharpen my vision now, my eyes became severely clouded
Filled up with thoughts of you destroying everything we had
What went so wrong that made you feel like you had to do this
Nothing will ever be the same when everything fades away
Through all the smoke that obscures my sight
There's a vision of you right by my side
Scattered remains of what existed before
Left in destruction, my everything is nevermore

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