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Shadows In The Light - text

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See what they’ve done
Imagine what’s to come
Already inside
They’ve come to take it all away
Moving in shadows
Masking their rage
A violent breed
Bringing the world to it’s knees
Deep in our soil
Spreading their seed
They’ll never give in
Until we are all in our graves
Hiding among us
Harvesting death
Turmoil ensues
The world, runs frantic, with war
Building their walls, to entrap us all
Architects of ruin, imprisoning all
Spreading the fear, to further their cause
Messengers of light, crushing all
Waiting in shadows, for the time to strike,
Dormant empire, growing strong
Inch by inch, mile by mile
Silent legion, the world will fall
Don’t close your eyes,
Or all will be lost, ….forever

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Shadows In The Light


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