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Fostering the Divide - text

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Isolate us from one another
Contempt for the unknown
Hatred tears us apart
Foster the great divide
Unsettling the masses,
Igniting the flames of hate
Serving the black gods of prey
Their treachery demonizing us all
Incite us to keep us apart
Feeding the fuel to the fires
Festering masses
Awaiting the world to erupt
Horrible and wretched souls
Inferior by design
Contemptuous and vicious
Beneath us, eradicate them all
Dividing lives, dividing worlds
Layer upon layer
Of mistrust and fear
Rage filled eyes
Stare at one another
Splintered and fractured
The world bleeds red
From lofty heights
Down to the dirt
Create disgust
For one another
Take the bait
That lures us in
Leading us down
This path of savagery
Light the fuse
And set the world ablaze
Secure atop your gilded thrones
As you divide us and conquer

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