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Christ's Cage - text

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Captives of faith,
His image never fading from their eyes
Imprisoned by their own creation
It grows stronger, distorts and confines
Behind the gates, the worshipped oppressor
To which weak minds fall
To a God in a godless world
Obeying him... serving him
The golden gates, only surrounding him
Crushed by the weight of devotion through the hails of a dying trinity
Within these bars they'll wait an eternity
For the coming of a dead messiah
In passion they adore, embodied with lies
Tempted by the world, carry out their lives
As they press against the bars, steel upon their flesh
Possessed by the one they call lord.
They'll live and die within his cage
His followers locked in steel
Christ's Cage Christ
Where they leave their sin
Where they worship him
They see more than what he is
In his cage they are his slaves
Empty and silent... barren his kingdom
He will perish... alone in heaven
Gates of gold, now his cage
Christ's Cage Christ

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