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Many times I've keeled before the lord not knowing he was at my feet
Why my pain, why my tears
Only now to see you were just man
You sit and watch, in all your splendor
On creator, it's you I now renounce
Everloving God, your love has failed me
I don't need your love...
Jesus, you couldn't save me
You couldn't save them
You couldn't save the world from misery
Hate my sin, Love my pain
You made us suffer, to your delight
To feel your anguish, will be my strength
Your broken kingdom, shall fall below
Once a time when I yearned to be at one with the Lord
Cheated by your false claims of divinity
I defy your word and rise in your disdain
to revoke you of your dominion
I am the darkness of the world
You couldn't save me
You couldn't save the them
You couldn't save the world from misery
Savior and Healer
The water you walked is drowning me
With glimpses of the highest reward
And the depths of the overwhelming promise
I confront him, the heavens before me
God fleeing, his presence swept away

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