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All That Awaits Us - text


Avarice, apathy, virtue dies
Wicked hearts, hubris filled, self-destruct
Illusions fade, tipping point, social collapse
Be afraid, no longer can we fool ourselves

Storms of fire ablaze with hate, ignite the skies
Our falling empires writhe in fury, scratching violently to hold on

Tragic times, a sullen world, overrun
Collective malice, wipes away the pure of heart
The cracks appear, breaking down, slipping away
Crossing over, we've reached the point of no return

Our final act before we take our final bow
Abolishing our legacy, no mistake of what tomorrow brings

Is it truly darkest before the light?
Or is darkness all that awaits us

Tears for all the life we've taken
Regret for all the time we've wasted
So much was lost and nothing gained
Our sickness will soon be gone forever

Slowly fading out of existence
Close your eyes and weep no more
Slowly dimming, the beat of our hearts
Close your eyes and embrace a darkness without end

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